3. Michael Costa


m _ a / 2024
From Abby Larson {Founder, Style Me Pretty}

OUR Process
We believe in photographing life genuinely and artfully to show beauty in the unnoticed and unappreciated. The moments that are commonplace, yet magnificent. The unique way a couple reaches for each other. The view from a wedding ceremony location. The subtle relief yet sadness of the day someone retires. The warm, cozy feeling of an important family vacation. The sadness at a funeral, yet the happiness of the memories that are remembered. The nervousness of a groom before seeing his bride turn the corner and meet him at the altar. We capture all of these moments with so much more than just a click of the camera.

It has taken years of refining our techniques, including that of un-interrupting energy to create the art that we achieve for our clients. As photographers we melt into our environment. While our subject is aware of us, we make our energy a part (not separate) so that we can authentically capture what needs to be captured. In addition, we use our approach of shooting with soft focus and often on rolls of film to achieve our dreamlike, non-literal photos. These techniques provide our clients the space to reflect back and insert their own experience into the image, thus creating emotions rather than a picture. We love delivering these personal fine art pieces to our clients.

We prioritize our relationship with our clients, and cultivate a meaningful relationship so that we are primed to document the truth when it appears. We even take extra steps to be in their personal environments when possible and also consult on placement of photo-art pieces for their private spaces. Our ultimate goal is to capture what matters most to our clients.