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We create Genuine and Artful Photography
during Life Events and for Business Brands

  We believe that art is continually unfolding around us, and our passion is to record those moments in photographs.

Unveiling the authenticity within our photographs starts with our genuine selves, embodying the role of simply 'a friend with a camera.' This sincere approach enables us to capture the true essence of moments by cutting past pretenses and allowing our clients to be themselves and experience the the moment.

This ethos seamlessly extends to documenting weddings, creating brand photos, and capturing life/lifestyle portraits. Together, we relish the art of transforming genuine, meaningful moments into visual stories.

As Michael and Anna Costa, we hold the conviction that being photographed should be effortless and enjoyable. Our expertise centers on cultivating an atmosphere that mirrors this philosophy. When our clients are at ease and reveling in the experience, we can authentically capture them, creating timeless photos that never go out of style. Our goal is to encapsulate the spirit of legacy and life through the medium of photographic art. And the delightful bonus? Both we and our clients are often sharing laughter throughout the entire journey.

Our overarching mission is to capture those ephemeral moments—the distinctive gestures of a couple, the warmth of significant family vacations, the anticipation of a groom before seeing his bride at the altar, the breathtaking panorama of your wedding venue, and the unique essence of how your business impacts others.

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