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We create Genuine and Artful Photography
during Life Events and for Business Brands

                We believe art from life is unfolding all around us. We see it and click the shutter. You just need to be there.

The secret to achieving authenticity in photographs starts with our style of simply becoming 'a friend with a camera.' With this approach, documenting weddings, creating brand photos, and life/ lifestyle/ portraits  becomes easy. Together, we’re able to enjoy the process of creating art from real, meaningful moments.

We are Michael and Anna Costa and we believe that the experience of being photographed should be effortless and fun and we specialize in creating an energy that feels that way. When our clients are relaxed and enjoying the experience, we are better able to capture them truthfully, and a truthful photo never goes out of style. We capture legacy and life in the form of photo art. The bonus is that we, and our clients, are usually laughing the entire time.

We seek to capture  fleeting moments; The unique way a couple reaches for each other, the warm and cozy feeling at an important family vacation, the nervousness of a groom before seeing his bride turn the corner and meet him at the altar, a striking panoramic of your wedding venue, a stunning way of illumnating the unique way your business provides for others.

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