Convict Lake Landscapes

When standing at the edge of Convict Lake in Mammoth one can’t help but have their breath momentarily taken away. Perhaps it’s the sheer magnitude of the mountains or the stillness of the lake reflecting perfectly the majestic surroundings. Or maybe, being just so so small in comparison gives rise to the thought, “this was here millions of years before me and will be here millions after. What then can I do except be in a state of stillness and awe?”

Holly + James’ Wedding, Four Seasons The Biltmore

Holly & James’ wedding at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara can only be described in bullet points: -southern charm -raucous dance party -multiple celebrity run-ins (See Andy Cohen’s post of himself with the groomsmen on his Instagram) and finally… -two of the sweetest people in the world got married. The End!

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